Scientific substantiation of chiromancy

By | 2019-09-08

The lines on the palms of your hands appeared as a result of brush movements in the womb. As soon as the fetus begins to form a brush, it moves constantly against the background of its rapid growth. These movements are caused by the activity of the concurrently forming cortical zones responsible for these movements. The nervous system as if tests its functions in the process of development.

Rapidly growing skin is extremely sensitive to these movements. Therefore, in just a few months of intrauterine development, a primary pattern is formed on which the features of the nervous system are imprinted.

However, this figure characterizes not only the development of the brain area responsible for hand functions. The hand-controlled area of the brain is very extensive and borders on many other areas responsible for various functions. It is known that activity of one group of neurons increases activity of surrounding neurons even if they are not connected in one associative network.

Newborns’ drawings on both hands are identical. But after the right or left-handedness is determined, most of the conscious work will be done by the leading hand. Therefore, the differences between the drawings on the right and left hands will increase with age.

Look at your leading hand and you may find additional furrows on it that are not on the other hand. If you find such furrows on it, bravo! – With your own or someone else’s will, you have managed to develop new qualities, abilities, which were not laid down by nature. Conversely, if the furrows on the leading arm are missing in the other hand, then the quality that was laid down by nature was not used. Thus, the drawing on the left hand (at the right hand) reflects what was given from birth, and the drawing on the right hand – a manifestation of human will.

A hand is an instrument that can regulate all body functions, including the vegetative ones – secretion of hormones and enzymes by the glands, heart rate, vascular tone, etc. All this is due to the fact that hand movements can be performed consciously, activating certain areas of the brain.

This is the basis of oriental practice – wisdom, with the help of which it is possible to influence the functions of the body and consciousness. Here is an example of wisdom, which, according to the image’s author, increases adaptability and stress resistance.
wise practice

In addition, it becomes clear how much influence our body and mind have on the development of activities related to fine motor skills – writing, modeling, playing musical instruments.

The foregoing also speaks in favor of the method of chiromancy, but I have not met such masters myself, and their abilities are hardly studied by science. A huge role in the oblivion of this skill was played by the Church, stigmatizing it with obscurantism, as is the case now with genetically engineered art. Meanwhile, the peculiarities of the pattern on the palms of the hands can provide valuable information about the person. There is, for example, iridodiagnostics, which allows you to diagnose various diseases on the peculiarities of the structure of the iris, which is used by official medicine.

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