Denisova was removed from the position of Ukrainian Ombudsman

By | 31.05.2022

The decision to sack her was backed by 234 Ukrainian MPs.
The Verkhovna Rada has voted for the resignation of Lyudmyla Denysova from her position of Ukrainian Human Rights Commissioner for the Parliamentary Assembly.

According to a reporter of 234 deputies in Ukraine supported the decision.

In his Telegram People’s deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak stated that the nomination to this post is not a vote today.

The previous day the vote, it was reported that the Sluzhba Naroda faction said that signatures were collected to show no trust in Denysova.

On May 30th, Denisova said that “on behalf of the Office of the President of Ukraine began collecting signatures to support her demotion from her position at the end of May. As per the Ombudsman an unconstitutional mechanism that of the Constitution of Ukraine will be employed to dismiss her.

Referred to as : Denisova has held the post since March 15th, 2018. Prior to that, she was Social policy minister during the administrations of Yulia Tymoshenko (2007-2010) and Arseniy Yatsenyuk (2014).

On the 27th of April 2022, the an ex-children’s Ombudsman Mykola Kuleba was accused by Denysova of giving information to the occupiers regarding where 58 children from Kherson were hiding. the occupiers were alleged to have taken the children to Crimea following that.

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