Why do imported drugs disappear in Russia

By | 2019-09-08

There are many versions in the media about the absence of imported Pentaxim, Infantricks, Priokrix and other vaccines in pharmacies. All of these versions are delusional because vaccines from different manufacturers in different countries cannot disappear at the same time due to the fault of the manufacturers themselves. My version is systemic, because not only do hospitals and pharmacies lose vaccines, but also other medical expenses, especially those with a short shelf life.

First-hand information. I’m telling you. Budgets of health care institutions are finally planned for 3 years in advance, then adjusted, but not at times and not even 1.5 times. Finally, budgets are approved 4-6 months before the beginning of the year. In 2014, the rouble sank considerably, and importers’ price tags grew accordingly.

And the budgets nominated in rubles, not only did not increase, but also cut. If we counted in the number of units of expenditure, all the institutions reduced their applications by about half. But this is not all. Despite the fact that auctions were won back in the autumn, after the collapse of the ruble in December, some suppliers terminated the winning contracts. It was cheaper for them to pay fines than to cover losses from contracts that were unprofitable at the new ruble exchange rate. Six months later, a lot of things that we could buy were over. If you manage to get subsidies in the departments, something is bought. But the products with a short shelf life have disappeared at all, as manufacturers plan to produce clearly at the request of importers. If the vaccines were produced for Russia, but were not purchased, they have already been distributed in other countries. Approximately such a scenario.

It is better not to get sick!

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