Erdogan and Zelensky talked about the situation in Ukraine

By | 30.05.2022

Leaders of Turkey and Ukraine have had a telephone call.
Turkish Presidency Recep Tayyip Erdogan held an audio conversation via phone to his Ukrainian colleague Vladimir Zelensky. This is reflected in the official message from the Department of relations of the AP of Turkey.

They also discussed the most recent developments in Ukraine and Russia’s conflict.

The President Erdogan He also reaffirmed that Turkey has been able to make significant efforts to keep the talks going that are ongoing between Ukraine with Russia. He assured the world that Ankara will keep providing all the assistance to this process, including mediation.

Erdogan stressed that President Erdogan declared that Turkey is particularly interested in the concept of creating a secure route to export agricultural products and products from Ukraine via sea.

The Turkish president said that Ankara is open to participating in the activities that are being conducted by the Monitoring Center, which is scheduled to be set up by involving Ukraine, Russia and the UN in Istanbul.

Today, earlier in the day Recep Tayyip Erdogan was in an email conversation in the early hours of today with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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