Liandao Island – Photo report and description

By | 31.05.2022

Liandao Island is a small island located in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province located in the eastern part of the Yellow Sea. The island was known in the past by the name of Yingyou Mountain, the island is situated inside Haizhou Bay with rich natural resources and is surrounded by the magnificent Yuntai Mountain. Liandao lies separated by ocean from the bridgehead to the east at Lianyungang Port, the famous New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge.

Liandao Island
Incorporated with the sea, mountain islands, forest, beach, and rocks environment, Liandao Island is famous for “fog in spring, sea in summer, trees in autumn and roads in winter”.

beach Liandao Island
Dasha Bay is located in the middle of Liandao Island and is a natural seaside resort that has the highest quality sandy beach. Following the drop of the tide it’s a fine, sand-colored beach that appears like reflection of the scene from the heavens.

igh-quality sand beach
Suma Bay, where Liandao Island is located, was named for the gorgeous myth of garrisoning Yingyou Mountain by Su Ziheng General of the last Ming Dynasty. With a myriad of scenic spots that are famous on the internet, Suma Bay is an ideal spot for newlyweds to snap photographs.

steps by the sea
Haibin Plank Road is located on the coast to the East of the picturesque region that connects Dasha Bay and Suma Bay. The people who travel along Haibin Plank Road may enjoy the stunning nature and experience the enchanting scenery of the mountain and the ocean.

sea sailboats
Sailboats, cruise ships speedboats, and other maritime leisure activities are very well-liked with tourists, offering new travel experiences.

beach on the island
Liandao Island is a beauty located in between the ocean. Through the transformation of “beautiful resources” into “good life” Liandao Island’s tourism image is “beautiful island” now shines once more.

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