What a nation’s health depends on

By | 2019-09-08

The Government of the Russian Federation proposes to reduce health care costs by 10%, which may have a negative impact on the mortality rate and life expectancy of the Russian population. However, there is a misconception that the level of development of medicine significantly determines the health of the nation.

Medicine makes a minimal contribution to your health. Can you really save money without tragic consequences? It is possible, if at least a small part of the freed from savings can be spent not on rockets with tanks and propaganda of war, but on propaganda of a healthy lifestyle, physical training and education.

. According to the histogram, the most significant impact on health is caused by the peculiarities of a way of life. Lifestyle is not only bad habits, hypodynamy and poor nutrition, but above all a lack of education. People need to know how to help their own health. Everyone should know that brushing in the evening is much more important than brushing in the morning, why antibiotics are not used in viral diseases, or how overhygiene reduces immunity and an incorrect diet leads to weight loss.

Genetics. There is a stereotype in society that heredity inevitably causes disease. In most cases, this is not the case. Most often, predisposition is inherited and the disease itself develops as a result of an unsuitable lifestyle for the bearer of “bad” genes.

Ecology. You can live in the greenest city on the planet, but if you have an old CRT monitor on your desk, the ceiling is shimmering with a fluorescent lamp, and there is no ventilation in the office – forget about the “green” city and health financing. Ecology is your choice!

In general, the main thesis of my message – your health in your hands, as 90% of all factors determining the health, controlled by the person! And you don’t have to run for a textbook on valeology right now – a lot of things are discussed on my blog.

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