How to plan the sex of a future child

By | 2019-09-08

“Kid One, Kid Two, Kid Three… – Victoria, maybe it’s time to change something? – David, Stepanov writes that it is necessary to change the strategy! Many families do not know that the birth of several children of the same sex in a row can be associated with the sexual temperament of a couple. Today I will talk about how to plan the sex of a future child by changing the strategy.

The method is based on the mechanism of self-regulation of the ratio of men to women in the population. Therefore, first a small excursus into the theory. The key to understanding this theory is the following: the life of sperm “boys” is shorter than that of “girls”, but the first one is faster than the second one. For the sake of clarity, let’s present two model situations.

The first situation, where barbarians invaded the village and stole women. As a result, 10 women remained per 100 men. In such conditions every man will mate less often than usual. What happens in the body of such a man? In his testicles will die spermatozoa “boys” and the share of “girls” will increase. Therefore, intercourse will give offspring with a predominance of the female sex. But that’s not all, because women in such a population will have sex more often, which means that the egg will be fertilized more often in the upper sections of the fallopian tubes, where more viable sperm “girls” get there. And again, the birth rate of girls is increasing. Such a population will come in a 50/50 balance in a generation.

The second situation is on the contrary, where men were killed by the aborigines of the neighboring village. There are 10 men per 100 women left. These men will mate often! In their always “fresh” sperm “boys” will be no less viable “girls”. But women will mate seldom, and the egg will meet their avid “guy” more often in the lower sections of the fallopian tubes, where they get there faster than the “girls”.

Conclusions and recommendations. If you want to have a kid, practice daily sex on ovulation days. If you wish to have a princess, abstain and shoot alone. It is better to have 3 days before ovulation, to which the sperm “boys” will not live in this case.

And David and Victoria did it all:
David and Victoria

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