Zelensky: will be de-occupying all territories

By | 31.05.2022

He insists that this is the plan of Ukraine but Russia’s plans don’t interest Ukraine.

Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky notes that Ukraine will not occupy its entire territories, which have historically belonged to the country.

According to a correspondent from RPNE.net He made this comment during an interview.

Concerned about the report from the Russian media, I was asked about the information that Russian the President Vladimir Putin allegedly gave Russian military leaders orders to withdraw from the border of the Luhansk region on June 1 and then to an area bordering the Donetsk region in July 1. And how likely is the possibility of this scenario in the timeframe, Zelensky noted that the situation in the eastern part of Ukraine currently is the most challenging.
vladimir zelenskyi
“But our nation as well as our people, our Armed Forces of Ukraine and everyone of us is fighting Russian aggressiveness. The situation is difficult in the east is due to it is that the greatest amount of military equipment, formations, battalions and other Russian Federation is concentrated. The Russian Federation, and traitors who are separatists, collaborators as well as members of the contingent “DNR” as well as “LNR” as stated by the president.

Zelenskyy added that they gathered all forces present in order to execute one or the other plan.

“About the plans of the Russian Federation, tied to dates, to symbols or something else, we have heard a lot with you, followed. Sometimes this state succeeds. In Ukraine, it didn’t succeed. Although they assured everyone – to capture Kyiv and all our other cities in three days,” the head of state said.

However he stated that some Ukrainian cities were being occupied. “We believe in temporary occupation. We don’t only look at “temporarily engaged,” because it’s not an opinion and here are our intentions and our precise plans. This is why they are temporarily occupied cities in Ukraine. Ukrainian State,” the president said.

Zelensky stated that Ukraine will be able to de-occupy all its territory.

“Our plans are clear-we will de-occupy all of our territory, which belongs historically to us, and according to all international laws. This is our plan. Regarding plans: June 1, July 1, or August 1, though not September 1 yet… We don’t care what plans the Russian Federation has. It is difficult for us in the East because we do not have enough weapons,” the official said.

The president also stated to the statement that Ukraine is not bound by the dates of deoccupation, but it is connected “to the people on de-occupation.” “If those or other of our steps, our operations related to the de-occupation of a region will be associated with tens of thousands of our people killed, then we will wait for the appropriate weapons to keep as much as possible our people. They are the ones who will de-occupy the territory. Because these territories without live Ukrainians are not our priority, frankly speaking,” the head of state said.

He also stressed that the first thing we must consider the Ukrainians who are in a position to thwart all strategies of Russia.

The media earlier stated that Russian leader Vladimir Putin set the task for the occupants of the country to cross the administrative boundaries that border the Luhansk as well as Donetsk regions in one month, June 1, and the other day of July respectively.

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